The Black Entrepreneurs' Workbook

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Book Summary:

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Teaching Black entrepreneurs to open enterprises without training them to overcome racism, discrimination, prejudice and financial segregation is counterproductive. Therefore, the instructional significance of decoding Black entrepreneurial accomplishment is vital to the future of Black business mastery.  The Black Entrepreneurs’ Workbook deciphers bankable Black business practices to teach idea creation, product development, fiscal management, and the tax code!  Through employing the author’s Cashflow Cure – a seven step, business formation process - aspiring Black enterprise owners will learn to materialize their vision and structure a revenue generating entity that creates self-employment. 

Author Bio:

Kezia M. Williams is an emancipation activist, cashflow curator, entrepreneurial advocate, and unapologetic educator.  A second-generation financial teacher, Ms. Williams founded a internationally recognized incubator and traveling business school for Black entrepreneurs. Her nationally endorsed Black business curriculum has been introduced successfully in educational environments in the U.S. market and overseas.  

Affectionately known as “Professor Kez,” Ms. Williams has been featured by CNN, Forbes, USA Today, Black Enterprise, and The Huffington Post for her entrepreneurial and financial expertise. She has also appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, CNBC, BET, and is a two time Root 100 Most Influential African-Americans Award recipient. 

 She is the CEO of the Black upStart and MyBlackReceipt, which are enterprises that serve Black entrepreneurs and wealth creators. She is also the proud daughter of Gail Davis and an unremorseful lover of Black people.